About Us
Our Story

The Envision VA Home company was founded by our team leader, Mike Pattison and his wife, Magali in 2019 with a clear vision to create an innovative client centric real estate company that will transform the current home buying and selling experience nationwide.

Our Beginning

Mike started in Real Estate in 2015 as a solo agent. Although he had a great mentor at a previous brokerage after a year in the business it became clear why 87% of agents fail in this industry. Lead generation can be one of the hardest things to get off the ground. Building a pipeline is essential to the livelihood of a new career. Looking back, joining a team that provides not only multiple lead sources but also a strong support system, in-person training and direct mentorship is invaluable. 

Since Then

We are proud to say that the system and approach we've created establishes great results for our agents! If you're 100% in, you can expect a 6 figure salary and find yourself in the top % of all agents in Hampton Roads. 

Our Future

Our current team consists of 7 agents; 4 of which are new to their role. We purposely kept our agent count small these last 2 years mastering the formula to success. Our goal is to transform our agents and their family's lives. We're excited to announce that we are now ready for Phase 2: growing the team!

Interested in finding out more, check out our careers page or give Mike a call at 757-846-6716.